Said Austrian cause every little progress and are closely related to social care, social returns are the most important part, said Austrian original ideas, but also the direction of Jane Aonu force to pursue value realization.

Said Austrian founded and love practicing corporate culture, "honesty, charity, Jide, filial piety" as a code of conduct, and actively participate in charity. Flood relief, the fight against SARS, the Wenchuan earthquake in Yushu, Project Hope, helping the poor, filial respect ...... whether it is a special period, or the usual time, said Austrian were to come forward and actively donated money to send people in distress on a warm and caring. Said Austrian charity has been quietly trying.

Chinese Red Cross, said Austrian special grant "China Red Cross" medal

SARS period, Austria, said the more than 400 hospitals nationwide to nearly 200 cities donated a total value of more than 3,000 yuan, said Austrian nucleic acid for Anti-SARS frontline staff to improve immunity. The picture shows the May 23, 2003 Dalian Mayor Xia Deren visit the Anti-SARS line, granted to the medical staff, said Austrian nucleic acid.

Helping the poor. Said Austrian persist for many years in Liaoning Wafangdian benefit Sizhen Xiaotun development-oriented poverty reduction, repair school buildings, construction of reservoirs, Pave the Way, financing their children to school, the family arranged for individual jobs. Pictured said Austrian Vice-sensitized song book visit Xiaotun villagers.

After the earthquake, said Austrian have donated funds and materials total value of 18.85 million yuan. Language in Sichuan, said Austrian staff also actively involved in the earthquake relief and reconstruction work in.

Jane Austria provided ten million filial respect charitable funds, targeted for the relief of widows and orphans and the needy elderly.

Long Fuk Heung and a completion ceremony, said Austrian Hope Primary School

Children's Day to send their children to the orphanage care

Jane Austrian has been in Liaoning, Sichuan, Chongqing and other places how to build more primary schools of hope, and sustained attention to the child's learning and growth after the completion of the school.