China Economic Net: Fifth International DNA and Genome Week will be held in Dalian

China Economic Net Dalian, March 4 (Reporter Su Dapeng) China Economic Net correspondent from 2014 Fifth International DNA and genomic events held on the 4th week in Dalian press briefing was informed: 2014 Fifth International DNA and Genome Week It will be held in Dalian on April 25-28. The conference by the Personnel Information Research Center, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs abroad, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Dalian Branch jointly organized by Bio Integration Group, said Austrian Group co-host.

According to China Economic Net reporter understanding, international DNA and genomic Week as the life sciences, "Davos" event, a professional meeting international genetics and genomics, dedicated to global scientists, research institutions and enterprises to build a communication platform for docking.

According to the Assembly sponsor, Dr. Mei Xiaodan introduction, and genomic DNA Fifth International Week of "biological knowledge-based economy in the world dream" as the theme, follow professional, cutting-edge, international principles, 11 Nobel Prize winners to join 20 international academicians, 10 500 executives, nearly 100 overseas Chinese scientists and 1500 experts from nearly 60 countries and regions, participants, including one thousand foreign guests.

CCPIT Dalian Zhang Kaihua, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs Personnel Information Research Center, head of foreign Liang Boshu respectively, in the briefing describes the background and significance of the Week. The event will provide a platform for the latest achievements in the field of life sciences, advanced technology, international business and high-end talent, to promote the biotechnology industry in Dalian gathering and project cooperation, speed up the Dalian High-Tech Industrial Innovation, has great significance.

Zhen-Ao Group President Wu Tianjing told reporters, said Austrian Group as a sponsor of the activity in 2005, hosted the first international DNA and genomic activity weeks, promised to keep the event to give Dalian a new purpose-built venue. Today, the commitment to honor, accompanied by Jane Austrian Bio Valley and the completion of more than 6000 square meters of multi-purpose conference center, said Austrian enabled Week this year to return to Dalian, and permanently settled BioValley, every two years in the future, said Austrian BioValley held term. Zhen-Ao Group will use this international platform Week, so that enterprises in personnel selection, technical achievements, and other aspects of the conversion project to seize the opportunities, the development of China biological medicine that is more strategic emerging industries, and provide a world-class scientists platform for exchange and interaction. Jane Austria will further strengthen the real economy and the biotechnology industry, the area of nearly 380,000 square meters of Jane Austrian Bio Valley, playing a card Dalian Science and Technology biomedical industry.

According to reports, the fifth DNA and Genome Week in addition to the main forum will be held decoding and health problems, from gene therapy to genomic medicine, powerful genome kits, standing genomics crossroads of human genetic diseases major breakthrough in science, transforming genomics and genetics, genetics model and non-human genetics, genomics branch, over the same period will be held the seventh international Conference of proteins and peptides, the sixth World Conference of the vaccine, the seventh international industrial biotechnology General Assembly, the sixth international Conference of antibodies, enzymes and bio-catalysis fifth international Conference of industry, the fourth international Conference of molecular and cell Biology, the third Conference and Exhibition analysis and so on.

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April 25, 1953, the British "Nature" magazine published papers presented at the world's first DNA double helix and self-replication, the paper is regarded as the beginning of the era of molecular biology. April 2003, in the DNA double helix model of the 50th anniversary, the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, six heads of state or heads of government signed the document, the six scientists announced: the completion of the human genome sequence diagram. This is the history of human exploration of the mysteries of their own is an important milestone in the genome sequences for the first time at the molecular level, to provide mankind with a life, "Manual", not only laid the cornerstone of human self-understanding, and promote the revolutionary advances in biological and medical science and to bring the gospel to the health of mankind.

To commemorate the completion of discovery of DNA double helix and the human genome sequence diagram of the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and many other countries in the legal way to establish a national DNA date or DNA section in 2005, China with the world, held the first international DNA and Genome week, the meeting place in Dalian. There were 25 national and regional scientific and technological elite, business leaders invited to gatherings in Dalian, five Nobel Prize winners to be lectured, Dalian Science and Technology set off a wave of heat. Six years later, the 2011 Second International DNA and Genome Week held in Dalian again, this time at the same time there are nine Nobel Prize winners gathered in Dalian, both from the organizational procedures of the General Assembly, business services, or inviting experts from academic level topics set point of view, "2011 second international DNA and Genome week" is an international scientific event in the field of life science and technology "Olympic."

In 2012, the Third International DNA and Genome Week gala held in the ancient city of Xi'an, at 10 Nobel Prize winners, 10 Fortune 500 executives, 1500 as the first foreign experts gathered in Xi'an.

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