Zhen-Ao Group bequest of $ 500,000 for earthquake relief to the affected areas helping hand Ludian

August 6, Dalian Zhen-Ao Group decided Charities Jinhui Zhen Austrian filial respect Charitable Fund spending money of 50 million, donated to earthquake relief at Zhaotong, Yunnan Zhaotong Ludian for "8 · 03" Earthquake Relief.

10 am, Vice President Liu came to Dalian Zhen-Ao Group Charitable Foundation, this pen donations entrusted Dalian Charity Foundation sent to the quake-hit areas as soon as possible.

At the same time, several well-known enterprises in Dalian to Dalian Charity Foundation to Yunnan Ludian disaster area helping hand. Before the ceremony began, president of Dalian Charity Foundation to raise money and Lin Qingmin business representatives held a discussion. Lin, president thanked all enterprises to actively respond to the call, promptly support the disaster areas, passing the love of the truth to the people of Dalian people in disaster areas. With everyone's enthusiasm is driven believe Dalian Charity Foundation will continue to receive donations of money, full of the loving spirit of Dalian city.

After the ceremony, Vice President Liu Zhen-Ao Group, was interviewed by television reporter in Liaoning. Liu said Jane Austrian group as a "five-star Chinese corporate citizen" should take more social responsibility in the face of a catastrophic disaster. Meanwhile, Jane's love Austrian culture advocate, said Austrian people to love and dedication to people in need. Natural disasters have Wenchuan, Yushu, Ya'an and other regions, said Austrian Group in the first time to react, has donated money and goods worth a total of over 20 million yuan. (Photo / Wang Yueming)

Jane Liu, vice president of the Group on behalf of the Austrian Group donated 500,000 yuan to the disaster area

Vice President Liu Zhen-Ao Group accepted an interview with Liaoning TV reporter