Fifth International DNA and genomic biological activities Week and Jane Austrian Gu Gu Unveiled

The world's top scientists Qiju Zhen Austrian biological Valley people celebrate the event

Fifth International DNA and genomic biological activities Week and Jane Austrian Gu Gu Unveiled

Jiang Zhenghua, former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, attended the Dalian Mayor Lee Wan was


April 25, 2014, by the National Personnel Information Research Center of Foreign Experts Affairs abroad, Dalian Foreign Experts Affairs, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Dalian Branch organized by Zhen-Ao Group, Bio Integration Group hosted the Fifth International DNA and Genome week opening ceremony, in the just completed, said Austrian BioValley held.

Former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, Honorary President of the China Committee of Corporate Citizenship Jiang Zhenghua, former Central Discipline Inspection Committee, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health, China Health Care Association chairman Zhang Fenglou State Bureau of Foreign Experts foreign talents Information Research Center director Chen north, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration training Council iron Hang Lu, Liu Min, deputy secretary general of China consumers' Association, the national public nutrition improvement project office, China health industry Alliance executive director Yu Xiaodong, vice president of the Chinese health Education Association Liu Keling, Dalian Municipal Committee Mayor Lee Wan was, and the Dalian municipal Government, Jinzhou New Area, the relevant leaders attended the event.


The event invited nine Nobel Prize winner Thomas all Vanderhoof, Luc Montagnier, Serge Haroche, George Smoot, Theodor enjoy facilities, Dan Shute Man, Ada Yonath, Hartmut Michel, Akira Suzuki, etc., and invited the French Academy of Sciences, Russia, South Korea, China Taiwan and other countries and regions, a total of 16 international Academy of Sciences , part of the world's top 500 business executives, as well as from the human genome project, the European polypeptide Association, the American Medical Bayer, Japan genetics nutrition Institute, St. Petersburg Institute of Geriatrics and biological regulation, the Beijing Genomics Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Microbiology, Chinese fermentation industry Research Institute, Institute of basic Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, University of Oxford, Yale University, the University of Man Nipa India, Lund University in Sweden, China, Peking University, Institutes around the world hundreds of Harbin Medical University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, the field of genetic, molecular biology, proteins, peptides, antibodies, vaccines, enzyme engineering, industrial biotechnology, analytical techniques and other research in the well-known experts, scholars and nearly 20,000, said Austrian family together for Jane Austrian biotechnology Gu Gu ceremony and witnessed China's biotech world historical moment.

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Dalian Branch, vice president Chen Hsing presided over the opening ceremony. Zhen-Ao Group chairman Chen Yusong, 2013 Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine - both American scientist Sir Thomas Middelhoff, the Executive Chairman of the General Assembly, one of the promoters Week, Bio Integration Chairman Dr. Mei Xiaodan, Chen, director of information Research Center of Northern State foreign Experts Bureau, Jinzhou New Party Work committee, the CMC director Xu Changyuan, respectively, the General Assembly speech. As Executive Chairman of the General Assembly, one of the activities of the promoters, Dr. Zhou Mei Xiaodan to the General Assembly proclaimed the International DNA is located in the Science and Technology Museum, said Austrian Health BioValley for international DNA and Genome Week permanent venue.

Jiang Zhenghua, vice chairman and chief announces Fifth International DNA genome Week opening, said Austrian Bio Valley open valley! Mr. Thomas all Vanderhoof, Lee Wan was the mayor, Zhang Fenglou chairman, Deputy Mayor Qu Xiaofei, Chen, director of the North, Vice-Chairman Xu Guochen, iron Hang Lu, deputy director of the Secretary-General Luo Dongsheng, director Li Li, Liu Min Deputy Secretary-General Yu Xiaodong, director Chen Yusong chairman, joint chairman of Mei Xiaodan week opening, biological Gu Gu held the launching ceremony.

Next, the scientists together for the Nobel Prize, said Austrian Bio Valley Tree Planting for international DNA and Genome Week permanent venue - the ribbon and leave Shoumo international DNA Health Science and Technology Museum.

 At the opening ceremony, the authority of the nucleic acid jury of experts announced by the Peking University School of Public Health, Tongji University, said Austrian Group and other units to complete the "safety and functional studies of nucleic acid nucleotide product," the assessment results ; national Eleventh five-year Technology support program, said Austrian research was now officially listed Swiss capsules; and the State Sports General Administration training Council, said Austrian Group signed again, preparing for cooperation "Rio Olympic Games"; Jane Austrian group again was awarded the "2013 China's five year star corporate citizenship "award.

 The Austrian biological Jane Gu Gu celebration invited famous CCTV host Sa Beining, Dalian TV famous host Wei Nini, co-chaired by Zhang Ying. Centenarian Wang from Shandong, Shanghai eternal youth Liuyong Min aunt, said Austrian exercises promoter Li Liming and other ten teachers said Austrian family was named "the most beautiful treasure Austrian people." Chen Yusong chairman and ten of his dear, "the most beautiful treasure Austrian people", Dr. Ram Chaudhari (Ram Chatelier) jointly opened Jane Austrian "Big Love Festival" Sheng curtain! Month-long "love Jane Austrian Cultural Festival", said Austrian Love festival will start, the most beautiful treasure Austrian people and other colorful "love activities" love culture will become the person said Austrian filial Services, Thanksgiving society, to repay the majority consumers, supporters and fellow travelers "love of the stage and the Paradise"!

  This international DNA and Genome Week, will be to promote the industrial development of gene valuable asset for the future development of China's rapid gene play a positive role in promoting industrial; accompanied by a grand opening Valley Jane Austrian biological Valley, Austria, said the station will at a higher platform in the world, the use of biotechnology for the benefit of human health.