Jane Austria Group won the "2015 China's most influential brand responsibility enterprises"

June 28, by the China Federation of Social Corporate Citizenship Committee, CCTV Financial Channel and Tencent Charity Foundation co-sponsored the "2015 China Corporate Responsibility Brand Conference" held in Beijing. The theme of the conference is "the responsibility cast brands, gather strength responsibility" to guide Chinese enterprises to establish responsibility for brand awareness, enhance corporate social responsibility strategic management level, to achieve economic and social benefits of synchronous growth.

Given Zhen-Ao Group has outstanding performance in corporate social responsibility and the responsibility of the brand in the field, by the expert committee review, the meeting, said Austrian Group won the "2015 China's most influential business brand responsibility," said Austrian Group Vice President, Pharmaceutical company general manager Chen Xianglin accept the honor on behalf of the Group.

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As China Association of Social Work Committee of Corporate Citizenship, CCTV Financial Channel, "China's outstanding corporate citizen will" extension Tencent Charity Foundation co-sponsored for 10 consecutive years, the Organizing Committee of "2015 China Corporate Responsibility Brand Conference" Since the end of March He began to carry out a nationwide "Looking for Chinese brands responsibility" activities. Nominated by the public network, comprehensive assessment expert, publicity and other aspects of the shortlisted companies list, eventually produce 10 "2015 China's most influential brand of corporate responsibility enterprises", 66 "2015 Chinese brand excellent corporate responsibility", 35 "2015 China liability outstanding brand growth enterprises "and 4" 2015 China excellent brand responsibility to promote the organization, "the four awards. By combing example brand responsibility to promote corporate social responsibility brand building, truly comprehensive enterprise, society and the environment, coordinated and sustainable development.

Former vice chairman of the National Federation for the Sun Xiaohua 2015 China's most influential brand of corporate responsibility ten companies Awards