Dalian Municipal Committee, mayor of the NPC and CPPCC leadership inspection bureau, said Austrian r

Tang Jun, secretary, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng rate inspection delegation arrived in Austria, said the BioValley

    August 12, the Liaoning Provincial Committee and Party Secretary of Dalian Jun Tang, Dalian Mayor Xiao Shengfeng, director of the Municipal People's Congress in Jingrui, Municipal Committee, Politics and Law Committee secretary of the Songshan Yun, Municipal Committee, Discipline Committee Liu Aijun, Municipal Committee, Secretary-General , Ghimpu New Party Work Committee, the CMC director Zhang Shikun, Municipal Committee, the publicity Department of Knowledge Proprietary force, Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Dong Changhai, Qu Xiaofei, deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress, Vice Mayor Lu Lin, Liu Yan, etc. rate municipal government leadership and the NPC and CPPCC leaders inspected, said Austrian bio Valley, the new upgrade of the old project, said Austrian relocation BioValley after affirmed. Tang Shuji said Jane Austrian Bio Valley is involved when he first came to Dalian groundbreaking project to develop quickly, hoping to play a leading role in Dalian, said Austrian biotechnology industry and improve scientific research strength, promote Dalian biopharmaceutical and health industries continue to grow . Zhen-Ao Group Chairman and CEO Chen Yuqi and accompanying mission in a row even senior leaders.

     The city belongs to inspect part of the work to promote the project in 2015 to check the zipper. After the inspection, all the leaders were held Ghimpu Area inspection activities will be reviewed in 2015 and the city's project to promote the work of inspection are summarized in the first Zhen-Ao Group meeting room until late afternoon and ended at eight. CPPCC Chairman Li Wan City only participants.

Check delegation take the cable car to visit the factory

The mission visited the International DNA, said Austrian Health Science and Technology Museum, said Austrian Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said Austrian Chen Yuqi details BioValley project before the sandbox

Tang Jun, secretary (in) Xiao Shengfeng City (right) long listened carefully, said Austrian chairman Chen Yuqi report BioValley project
Ghimpu reviews Area inspection activities will be held in Austria, said the BioValley meeting room

2015 Dalian project to promote the work will be held in check the summary said Austrian Bio Valley meeting room