Said Austrian products through the German Sports University in Cologne laboratory rigorous testing

Doping and banned substances testing laboratory German Sports University in Cologne is recognized by the world sports community. News from CWF (Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation) will report (the second page October 2011) show that Jane Austrian products through the testing laboratory in Cologne, for the next text:

Mr CK Tan, the Chief Strategy Officer of DALIAN ZHEN-AO (Malaysia) did an excellent presentation of its products with over 100 officials and lifters attending the seminar. Mr Tan was very pleased with the attendance and interest by the many countries attending. He is very much looking forward to a close association in the future with the IWF.

I t is also very important to note that after submitting samples for testing (7 types of products) to the Institute of Bio-Chemistry, Center for Preventive Doping Research, Germany Sport University Cologne (Cologne Lab, Germany), the samples impeccably and flawlessly PASSED ALL, it was found that Zhen-Ao products contain no banned substance at all.

(CK) Mr. Dalian Zhen-Ao (Malaysia) chief strategy director CHEN Zhen-guang, a seminar on the more than 100 officials and weightlifting athletes attended, excellent presentation of Jane Austrian health products. I am very grateful to the many countries deeply interested in this seminar and attend. He is looking forward to in the future more closely with IWF.

This is necessary to mention that submitted to the German Sports University in Cologne (Cologne, Germany lab) Prevention Research Center, Institute of Biochemistry doping samples for testing (7 products), these samples are flawlessly, perfectly, all qualified , said Austrian and proven products are completely free of banned substances included.