Warmly congratulate Chen Yusong won the 12th gold 2015 reputation of the most brand value in Asia Pa


June 5, 2016, Chinese direct Twelfth World Congress and gold reputation Awards was held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. The General Assembly "direct discipline: new direct blowout era" as the theme, brings together political leaders, business leaders, media movers, industry experts, the global Chinese distributor nearly a thousand elite, to explore a new era of China under the direct new normal faces, new air, new opportunities. Former Deputy Secretary-General Wu Gao Han Chinese Consumers Association, the Ministry of Commerce Division of the market order to redevelop the former inspector temperature, the former Trade and Industry Bureau of Guangdong Province Anti-MLM Office Zhuguo Han, the Secretary-General of Guangdong Province Wang Kedong direct business associations and other leaders attended the meeting and addressed the guests.

Evening of June 6, 2016 the General Assembly held a direct "golden mouth" award ceremony. Jane Austrian dual career Di founder, honorary chairman Chen Yusong won the 12th Golden word "2015 Asia-Pacific region the most brand value Entrepreneur" title. "Golden mouth" award is an annual award in the field have a direct influence and credibility, with a fair, just and open principles and a rigorous selection process, known as the "World Chinese Academy of direct marketing." "The most brand value Entrepreneur" award is recognition for the industry to contribute to the character and worthy of praise, to promote the healthy, normal development of the former monk established awards pay tribute!

In the industry, Chen Yusong initiative of numerous stunning. He was known as China's leader in nucleic acid industry, the health industry is the Pathfinder, is cutting-edge science facilitator, thinker entrepreneur community, is opening the era of big nutrition, health advocates wisdom made microenvironment, is cooperation with Nobel Prize winner most Chinese entrepreneurs, industrialists are qualified to lead the health industry. Particularly his two decades of China's direct concern, China's direct participation in the legislative process, the Chinese direct selling played a key role in the localization development. We can say that honor, deserved.