2016 · private Junbo will carry Jane Austrian health food as the only exhibitors


In order to implement President Xi Jinping on the promotion of civil-military integration of national strategic depth development of the private military companies by the National Working Committee and the China Defense Science and Technology Industry Association jointly sponsored the "2016 National Private Enterprise military-cum-civilian integration of high-tech Fair Forum (private · Junbo It will) "at 9:00 on the 15th in Beijing China international exhibition Center opened.

Zhen-Ao Group as a private military business unit vice president of the National Council, on behalf of the Group Chief Executive Officer Liu attended the opening ceremony. At the same time, he said Austrian Group became the only meeting Junbo a health food companies. AVIC Optoelectronics, Beijing Institute of mechanical power China's national defense scientific research institutes are also important areas of Jun Bo will debut.

Liu Zhen-Ao Group Chief Executive Officer (back row, sixth from right) attended the opening ceremony

According to Permanent Secretary for the National Private Enterprise Working Committee Zhang Zhao military flight briefings, aims to "promote civil-military integration, promote private army" and "Junbo meeting" for three days, there are more than 600 exhibitors, exhibits no shortage of high-tech, in which high-tech scientific and technological achievements of nearly 1100, covering new energy, new materials, unmanned aerial vehicles, power transmission, aerospace and other 16 professional, covering the main areas of private enterprises to participate in military weapons and equipment research and production.

Said Austrian Group Stand

Previously, Jane Austrian group has received audited military supply qualification, officially became a military procurement suppliers. Jane Austrian nucleic acid, said Austrian nuclear Thailand, said Austrian Gantai series of health food germ and whole oat flour, candy and other food will tabletting accordance with the relevant policies and regulations army, participation in the military as a military food procurement activities.