Corporate Culture

ZhenAo have filial love family and as the core of enterprise culture. Filial love family and culture has become the ZhenAo people consciously to carry forward the melody, became a perennial power of enterprise development, has become a growing internal cause ZhenAo market expansion.

For customers: the filial piety culture

"Filial piety are reported and effect are reported, are reported with a smile" is the core of ZhenAo filial piety culture, embodied in the sincere, thoughtful, simple, natural, kind of "small cotton-padded jacket" service; From "your health, I proud" of the enterprise demands; Rooted in the "health, longevity, happiness, happiness," product concept. Choose ZhenAo, got the physical health and spiritual joy, emotional relationships.

To society: love culture

ZhenAo view of social responsibility, from the society, serve the society, repay society, decided the way ZhenAo social responsibility actively. ZhenAo promote culture and held many XiaoQin respect project, organize activities of elderly series; Earthquake relief, the poor, the hope project, such as various public welfare undertakings, ZhenAo obligatory. So far, ZhenAo for social public welfare donations totaling has amounted to 300 million yuan.

To employees: home culture

Employee is family, ZhenAo is a big family, equality, respect, care and support, is the pleasure of ZhenAo family selecting starting point and the foothold and development.

Partner: and culture

Win-win alliance with partners, integration of strong, hand in hand is the essence of ZhenAo and culture, reflects the earth and world view, and have a different outlook on life, the heart of the kind of values, cross-border integration of enterprises, and the benefit of proverbs.