Corporate Identity System

Jane Austrian business name, logo, product packaging design, at the outset of the entrepreneur's attention, fully embodies the personality and content, said Austrian companies and products, focus on performance in high technology.

1, the connotation of the enterprise name

Jane Austrian, literally read fluently, is chairman Chen Yusong creative, meaning rare secret, Nucleic Acids of life, effect on the human body is indeed rare secret, so far scientists have continued interpretation. Jane also stems from the English word Austrian Gene (Gene) and dedication (Award) beginning with the letter Z and homophonic A, meaning the gene is giving and dedication, and the gene is a nucleic acid fragment on, in a sense, it is a nucleic acid nutrigenomics origin, so Jane Austrian nucleic acid is also dedicated to the gene. Jane Austrian word meaning the company wants to nucleic acid-based industries, to contribute to human health, it is also consistent with the purpose of Jane Austrian enterprises: based on the life sciences for the benefit of human health; also fully reflects the company's values and high-tech treasure Austrian original ideas forward-looking.

2, corporate identity

Corporate Identity is the core of corporate visual identification system, which effectively communicate business ideas. Jane Austrian enterprises will identify all phenomena corporate philosophy, quality, business policy, development, production, trade, distribution and other actions, ideas, or from the information design, communication, behavior, and cultural point of view be screened to identify potential power and beauty business Ability.

(1) identifies the Jane Austrian nucleic acid and cell morphology as the main theme, but it will also shape "Jane Austrian" starts with the letter "Z" is translated into visual language theme.

(2) Corporate Identity Creative graphic (see figure below):

It is based on business content, business temperament, strategy, ideas, and other factors to develop design ideas:

(1) the cell nucleus, the core;

(2) helical structure DNA, RNA's;

(3) high-tech concept;

(4) In the deep mysteries of the universe in space and Chinese traditional culture of Taiji Bagua mysterious metaphor nucleic exotic wonders of science and technology of magical mystery;

(5) reflects the lofty cause said Austrian pioneering attitude and ethos;

3, enterprise LOGO (see figure below):

Specification combinations corporate logo, corporate identity and logo and slogan of the standard combination:

4, product packaging

Jane Austrian packaging colors, shapes and colors to match the basic enterprise, the pursuit of high-tech image, but also to create value for consumers convenient, easy to carry (see "Jane Austrian corporate identity System Manual").