Options 1996

Zhenao group predecessor - Dalian Tianle nucleic acid science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. was established, people began to "Zhenao nucleic acid applied to human health" dream.

Foundation 1997

In the grass everywhere in Dalian Montenegro at the foot of office building of scientific research foundation, zhenao.

Break through 1998

The State Science and Technology Commission Office issued the "torch plan technology for Zhen Ao nucleic acid National Torch Plan projects", June "people's Daily" reported: Chinese largest nucleic acid industrialization base built in Dalian.

Harvest 1999

The Ministry of health has obtained capsule Zhen Ao nucleic acid No.534 [1999] No. 0081 batch.

Day in 2000

President Clinton announced the completion of human genome sequencing, human health into the era of gene, nucleic acids as gene ontology, subject to the national market blitz, Zhenao due to the "days" and hot.

Tough 2001

For a Chinese nucleic acid industry initiated, overseas media questioned storm, so that the Chinese Zhenao nucleic acid industry leading enterprises suffered heavy losses. But the Ministry of health and then held a press conference in a timely manner, clearly pointed out: the Ministry of Health approved the efficacy of nucleic acid products is exact, can not be questioned, as the nucleic acid media storm.

Expansion and 2002

As the first in the Dalian Zhenao double D harbor pilot area high-tech enterprises, held a grand opening ceremony in Zhenao life park, national, provincial and municipal leaders and experts and consumers were more than 1600 people to celebrate, Zhenao enterprises with the relocation to achieve all aspects of expansion.

International, 2003

Chairman Chen Yusong attended the "Malaysia Zhenao biological Valley" ceremony, and by the prime minister Mahathir. Previously, Zhenao products have long been out of the country, many countries exported to Europe and America, etc..

Brand 2004

Zhen-Ao naming the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, "I love the cup Zhen Ao nucleic acid Spring Festival show named" activities, namely the national brand with zhenao.

Responsible 2005

Zhen-Ao to Chinese aging Development Foundation donated 20 million yuan, the establishment of "Zhenao filial piety special fund", and thus opened the curtain of the Zhenao respecting and loving HelpAge filial piety project ".

Zhen-Ao exclusive spend hosted by the Dalian municipal government organized the "2005 Chinese (Dalian) International DNA and genome week", makes the contribution for the exchange of Chinese science and technology. The activity cycle between five Nobel Prize winners went into the park Zhenao life science and technology exchange.

Ten years, 2006

Ten anniversary anniversary Zhenao, ten year celebration held in Dalian Xinghai Square, the country tens of thousands of consumers to participate in the event. Zhen-Ao chairman Chen Yusong made a speech entitled "flying wings kaigegaozou one hundred years" of the important speech in ninety thousand.

Olympic Games 2007

Zhen-Ao was identified as "the State General Administration of sport training partner, such as a dozen products Zhen Ao nucleic acid was identified as the" National General Administration of sport training athletes special products, Zhenao again to cheer for the Olympic Games contribute to health.

Act 2008

Due to outstanding performance in the Wenchuan earthquake, Zhenao won the highest award China charity honor -- the most caring award funded enterprises, Zhenao CEO Chen Yuqi by Party and state leaders met in the Great Hall of the people.

Ben may, 2009

Chinese care industry sponsored by the Association for health care organizations China credibility "guarantee action" to start, Zhenao production of nucleic acid capsules and other five products to obtain the certificate to use mobile logo, which won the 001 Zhen Ao nucleic acid. This is the Zhenao years pay attention to integrity, the credibility of this award.

Four new and 2010

In the Zhenao Group annual meeting, Zhenao chairman announced the implementation of the "four new" Zhenao strategic initiatives. At the same time, Zhenao products have been selected as the "China Weightlifting Association National Weightlifting Team designated health care products", the Olympic champion Liu Chunhong, Cao Lei, Lu Yong, Long Qingquan served as the spokesperson Zhenao products.

Upgrade in 2011

Zhen-Ao people ushered in a historic moment in the development, Zhenao biological Valley held a grand ceremony, Zhenao officially into the ranks of advanced Biotech Corp.

Across the 2012

In the world's most famous and most authoritative German Sport University related testing and certification, series of products by the International Weightlifting Federation Zhen Ao nucleic acid recognition, has become the international weightlifting Zhenao products, enterprises have become the International Weightlifting Federation established the first hundred years of global health partner.

Focus in 2013

All the people in the "Zhenao focus on core advantage, strategic planning focus on Biotechnology", focus on the construction of Bio Valley, build advanced Biotech Corp!

Open valley, 2014

Investment of 1 billion 570 million yuan, Zhenao biological Valley covers an area of 374 thousand square meters of the grand opening Valley, which marks the Zhenao group blew towards the historical new journey horn, Zhenao starting from the valley, for Dalian, for health, take on more responsibilities.

March 2015

The Northeast's largest genetic testing platform is built in Zhenao biological Valley, Zhenao precision health management platform scale.

Twenty years, 2016

Zhen-Ao ShuangDi ushered in the twenty anniversary of the grand celebration party held in Zhenao biological Valley, Zhenao ShuangDi business founder, honorary chairman Chen Yusong made "all round healthy dream to fortune about" speech, Zhenao ShuangDi held a grand ceremony to reward meritorious character, pay for the enterprise family.